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Thanks to the design of the EIK machines only 1 healthcare worker is needed to supervise patient exercising, while typically up to 3 healthcare workers are needed.



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Developed in Lithuania, which means it has a high level of quality. Unique EIK trainers are medical devices designed for people of all ages with mobility impairments. These trainers are built from start to finish in the same place.





The EIK is multifunctional, making it suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their physical condition. These machines allow you to lift a person from a seated to a standing position in an ergonomically secure way, and concentrate on safe balance, coordinated body movements and gait training exercises.



The EIK becomes a versatile and adaptable tool for anyone with mobility and general body control problems. One of the main advantages is the possibility to choose between three sizes according to individual needs and abilities.


The design of the ElK is unique. It is reliable, robust, comfortable, stable, and safe. When evaluating the suitability of the ElK trainer for children with cerebral palsy and for patients after a stroke, it was found that in both cases the ElK trainer had a positive effect on the patients' trunk control. It improves balance and improves gait by assisting with correct walking movements.

Milda Žukauskienė, Doctor of Healthcare Sciences

The EIK trainer has all the features that enable the patient to walk with ease. Walking is one of the most important motor control mechanisms that activates not only the spinal cord but also the brain. The safe walking provided by the EIK trainer restores the brain, the spinal cord, and the walking or locomotion centers. The main advantage of this trainer is safe walking.

Albertas Skurvydas, Professor of Sport and Health Sciences

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